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Thanks everyone.

Hi Angela, How are you ? Yes, phrags are very easy. They just need to be watered more often than Phalaenopsis. I've added an LED light in my greenhouse for them. So far so good.
Looks like a nice one to me. I've bloomed several flasks of these, some when Chuck Acker first made this 4n cross, and now more recently when he did the 4n remake. It seems like many are "toothy" from being polyploid. Others had good color, but the petals were too downswept. Your flower is well shaped, nicely colored and "toothless". Mike
Thanks Mike. I got this plant at 2018 slipper symposium from a friend who lives in Boca. He likes to grow phrags from flasks and gave me a few phrags to try. They are still in his 2.75 tall pot. I meant to transplant but just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Phrags are growing on me. I like that they bloom sequentially. I dont like phrags climbing out of pots. I was told that when they do this is due to insufficient light ?
It’s partly genetic from the besseae parent. I have plants from besseae crosses growing together and some climb all the time and others don’t.
It can be enhanced if the new shoot is starting to grow in a particularly shady spot.
Mr. Lin, you might try tray culture
if you have new growth running out
of the pot. I'm trying it with a
BarbaraLeann 'Foxcroft' that runs
all over the place. Tom at Fox Valley
gave us a demonstration. I'm quite well
and in hiding like everyone else. KY
is in lock down and has been for some
time. So far not many cases here.

My Phals. are gorgeous this year!

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