Mini Multi-Florals?

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Paph Petite RUNGCHILD is a mini multifloral (rungsuryanum x rothschildianum). Plays are around 15-20 cm leafspan and are around 15-20cm high in full flower
heck ya. fun to have runts flower !! we need smaller transvaal, caroline hands, etc...
Here's a photo of my philippinese var. laevigatum album next to one of the roths I have flowering. It's about as mini as you can get in multiflorals, though it remains to be seen if it gets larger with age.


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There are plants of Paph. Sandcanh (canhii X sanderianum) out there and the pic I saw was pretty cool: 8" blooming plants in 4"-5" pots with 2-3 flowers on a single spike
Even that example given by In-Charm isn't really a mini. Maybe a compact sized plant but after injecting helenae twice in the making of it, the flower count has been sacrificed greatly obviously.
I have also seen this same cross at a Taiwan show and the plants were even bigger!

The smallest multi I have had (going by the leaf length) was whilheminiae hybrid with three to four flowers per spike and the flowers actually looked like a typical multi paph. The leaves were only about 6-8in long. I miss the plant for robust growing and free flowering habit. and a small foot print.

Some of the thaianum x roth I have seen were pretty small too. My anitum x godefroyae was also very compact and had upto three flowers per spike. So, if you look around, you will eventually find something you like.
It's just that they are not that common and the variability of plant size can be quite big even amongst the same grex.