Miltonia spectabilis v. moreliana

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Just call me Tom
Jan 12, 2008
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Kyushu, Japan; warm temperate/subtropical climate
Grew this from 2 small divisions my wife bought at a plant sale. I was not sure they would do well in the hot climate here, but I guess it is happy! Not cold hardy in my area so it comes in for the winter months.


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This is an all time eye-catcher and it was one of the first orchids I saw in reality in my life. Well grown, Tom. Congrats.
Fantastic Tom, thanks for sharing. Do you have any special culture tips for these. I’ve got a small division of one that is struggling to establish. Thanks!
Thanks everyone for the compliments. I wouldn't have sought this plant, so it was a happy accident that my wife saw these at a flea market and decided to by them for me. I have to say I'm really glad she did, and I highly recommend trying this one out. It seems to like bright light, plenty of moisture in summer and cooler, drier conditions in winter.

To be honest, I was surprised that this plant did so well. The 2 small divisions were in sphagnum moss that had gone bad some time earlier, so both were immediately put into a 5 inch plastic pot with a mixture of 1/2 coarse perlite and 1/2 orchidata. That was 2 years ago if memory serves. It is kept it in very bright shade with dappled sun during the summer months ("Cattleya light"), and is watered as needed with a bit of liquid fertilizer now and then. Average summer temps range from the mid 70s at night to over 90 during the day. In winter it is put in an unheated poly-house where temperatures range from the low 40s to mid 60s. It is kept a little drier at this time to prevent rot issues.

According to most authorities this plant is considered a separate species from M. spectabilis, thus the varietal name is now the epithet, M. moreliana.

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