Masdevallia Goldfinch 'Golden Eye''

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Mar 26, 2007
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Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
The cross is M. triangularis x constricta. This plant has blooms most of the year, usually 1 or 2 but sometimes 10+. Grown under lights with intermediate temps.


You say warm temperatures. Could you be a little mroe specific? A person who I have corresponded with suggested that I could grow the "warm" Madevallia in my light stand. Yours look great. I love yellow.

My orchids on the lower level rack have average daily highs around 22 degrees Celsius, nights 15-17 C. A summer maximum of around 25-27 C (they are in the basement). My Masdevallias are usually 6-12 inches away from the lights (at the outer ends of the tubes). As long as you don't have lots of temps consistently over 30 degrees Celsius, I think you would be fine with the warmth tolerant Masdevallias.

Thanks Shaun. Is the one in this post a "warmth tolerant Masdevallias"? I hope the answer is yes as I really like the color but if it is not it is not.
I'd consider this one an intermediate grower but with warmth tolerance (it has seen 27-30 degrees C but not for very long). I'm guessing you get some pretty warm weather down in Texas. Keep your humidity up with good air movement and I'm sure you could easily grow some of the warmer growing species or hybrids.


I grow in a light stand in the house which is air conditioned so I can keep the temp in the light stand, with heat gain from the lights, at about 80 - 84 F. in the day time and it will fall into the low 70s F at night.

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