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Pie pumpkins were only a buck each at the farmer's market on Saturday so I got one, roasted it and now have the puree I need to make a pie. So simple. If it turns out good I'll just quit buying the canned stuff.

What food(s) have you "gone retro" on and abandoned convenience for better flavor? :drool:
Actually I make up a fair amount of pumpkin and freeze it, for pies later.

I make all my salsa from scratch, and I wouldn't touch the store bought stuff with _your_ tongue...
Oh man, I can't wait until Martha Stewart...I mean...Heather posts in this thread. Prepare to be terrified at the food snobbery. :)
OK, this is off the subject.....but talking about Martha Stewart.....

A few years ago I really felt like Martha (and I know Martha would be proud of me)...

You all know I breed one of my first hybrids that I made, I decided to name after my mom. It was a white phalaenopsis. my mom likes white flowers, and she had white phalaenopsis in her wedding bouquet so I thought it was appropriate (the name was Dtps. that is her first name).

So, not only did I make an orchid from scratch and waited 3 years for it to bloom..Next I took the flowers and dried and pressed them and made a Mothers day card with them.... My mom liked it so much she framed it.... (I suppose I should have made the frame my self from wood of a tree that I planted, and then hand painted it .....but I did not go that far....)

I buy hubbard squash and make pumpkin pies with it. What I don't use for Thanksgiving, I freeze and make pies for the rest of the year.
what's a hubbard squash?
{(imagine a giant with a name tag that says 'hubbard' sitting on a house). anything it wants to...}

oh, just did a quick search and have seen...
now that the kids are getting older, I am back to making home made Italian tomato sauce. I still haven't gotten back to growing all my own tomatos for it but now I start with the canned puree. It's a step.

Years ago, I used to make my own yogurt, bake my own bread, make pickles, , apple sauce, chili sauce, jams and jellies. We even made our own organic baby food from veggies from the garden.
I would have to go with Heather on "all of it", but the most distilled answer is eggrolls. I make them in large batches, freeze them and thaw a few to go with Chinese food, which I make a couple times a week. They're not totally authentic, but I like them: bean sprouts, bok choy, shrimp, ground pork and a tiny solution of cornstarch, salt, sesame oil and soy sauce to thicken the filling.
Heather said:
All of it?

I'm with Heather--make everything from scratch, that way you can control everything that goes into it.

Recently, I have gotten into making my own ice cream. I bought one of those cuisinart ice cream makers, and am now trying out various egg custard recipes. I love ice cream, but I can't stand the amount of sugar in most.
Heather said:
Also, don't forget when making sorbet to add a few tablespoons of vodka to keep it from forming ice crystals.
Oh hey, that's a good tip. I love vodka in sorbets--makes great palate cleansers. I generally prefer the creamy ice cream, I just put in less sugar, but I love the occasional sorbets.

Right now: craving pistachio ice cream and hazelnut brittle ice cream. Yum.
Lol... I hate champagne... shssshh.

Besides, living with a Russian, we always have vodka in the freezer. It's the cure all.

You're sick? Have some vodka.
Throat hurts? Have some vodka.
Tooth ache? Vodka.
Head ache? Vodka.
Your thumb is bleeding because you slit it with your ultra sharp wusthof santoku knife? Have some vodka!

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