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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
First spike of the year. Flowers are a bit smaller than in previous years (13-14 cm). But it looks like its shooting for 6 flowers on this spike.

Thanks all:D

This plant has reliably produced one to three spikes a year for the past five years.

It almost always takes blue in the shows I enter it in, and has even been pulled for judging once (but alas no award).

I also have progeny from a selfing of this plant and an outcross to a large flowered clone that I will be excited to see what they do in a few years.
They realy like allot of airflow and high humidity, and fairly bright light.

The first time I bloomed it, it was indoors before my humidity epiphany.

The blooms opened but they just hung down limp like hound dog ears.

Also I use oyter shell in the potting mix, and treat it like it was calciolous. It may just be this particular plant since it seems like lowii are usually found in trees, and should prefer a more acidic mix. Andy thought this plant (or parents) originated from Borneo stock, and there is some documentation that lowii there will be found on limestone (on the same cliffs as sanderianum) as well as in trees. With this species it may be worth trying some different strategies with individual plants until you find what works best.
Rick, can you take a picture of the whole plant? I don't understand how the placement of the blooms. Are all they all facing up or is the plant mounted? Then, how does the spike stick so horizontally straight out?
Here is a pic from a 2005 blooming. Part of the plant is showing on the left. Its in a 6" pot and leaf span of mature growths is 20-22". There are generally 6-8 growths.

The plant is not mounted (and the ceiling is not very high in the GH). The spikes just arch up and go horizontal.

From the other picture, it looked like the spike grew vertically, with all the blooms facing up. That's what confused me!