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Looking for two Angraecoids

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Well while we're at it, here's another madagascarian or African specie
Diaphananthe bidens - in flower right now

I bought aerangis splendida, which is the malawi form of punctata. I am not sure what the difference is between the two, but the photo on Cal Orchids blew me away.

My email to Briggs Hill got bounced back, so they must be having problems.
Ah, just figured it out. Briggs Hill lists two email addy's on their website. The aol one is dead, so you have to use the msn address.

Getting a distichum!
Dangit, now I am getting them confused. :)

Ok, since I can't find Aeranthes henricii anywhere, I guess I will get Aerangis punctata. That makes ten, and my buying spree is complete. For now.

streetmorrisart said:
If that's Jumellea comorense, it's one I've been wanting. There are a couple of vining ones that look pretty similar. This is the smallest one though, I believe...

The one I posted the photo of is labeled Angraecum chamaeanthu 'Camores'. Does that ring a bell?
Now I need help finding Aerangis punctata. It is listed for sale at Botanica LTD. Anyone order from them before? All the big guns are sold out. Help!
Yeah, she's pretty nice. That's who I got my Angraecum infundibulare and my Rangaeris amaniensis from. Decent plants and she knows an awful lot about these guys and usually has more species available than are listed. Probably worth asking about the henricii even...

(No, that Jumellea doesn't ring a bell, but I still really like it!)
Speaking of Angraecoids, did anyone see the latest issue of the Orchid Digest? Big article on them with lots of photos.
BEAUTIFUL issue of Orchid Digest!!! Has anyone purchased the "hot off the press" book on Angraecoid Orchids published by Timber Press?

Jumellea comorense is especially great---wonderful fragrance and it has roughly the same size flowers as arachnanthe, but on a nice little plant rather than a really big one! [Robin---that's one i don't have listed anywhere that we do have a couple of for sale...have you painted one yet?]

Hey, Brenda! No, I don't have one of those yet...I'd like one though. Any chance you have an Angraecum germinyanum for me too?

I got a heads up on the Orchids Digest article from a friend before Dot mentioned it, but I haven't seen the whole thing yet.
And I've been waiting on that book for awhile... Too many things I need as opposed to want to have ordered it yet though.