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Looking for Mem. Dick Clements and Red Rocket

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Jun 9, 2006
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Mid Michigan
So... Somebody posted a picture of Memoria Dick Clements, which reminded me that I need to remake some crosses. I have lost mine (or sold it).

So, looking for MDC 'Rocket Flash' (4N) and Red Rocket 'Waunakee' (4N). The tetraploid part is more important. Chuck Acker used these to good effect in several crosses, but lost them. He thinks he sold divisions at some point, but doesn't recall who they went to. So, that is where you guys come in... :) Let me know if you have something similar and I'll find a way to make it worthwhile.

Eye candy to attract your interest - and one of the things I want to cross these toSunset Magic LF Cherry Surprise.jpg

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