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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
From OL and flowering for the second time with two spikes.
The leaf span of the two growths are 33 and 38 cm so still a way to go until full maturity.
But still good to see a plant produce two growths.
The parents are both confirmed tetraploids, Mem. Dick Clements ‘Rocket Flash’ and besseae ‘Rob’s choice’.
This first flower is 9cm across and on day 3 of opening so not quite full size or colour. The red continues to develop in this plant for a few days after opening.
Its a very neat flower but it suffers a bit when compared to the good Fritz. It is much smaller.
Anyway the plant still has a way to go before full maturity. It’s definitely in the slow but steady camp as regards growth.
Both spikes have produced a branch with flower buds but I won’t allow these to develop. I don’t think the plant is big enough yet to do them justice.
David, I also have this cross and agree that it is a slow grower. I think this is consistent with its tetraploid status. I am still fiddling with how much light to give it and with some nutrition variables to see if anything accelerates its growth rate.
Angela, agreed. I am happy with it. I seem to remember hearing on one of Jerry Fischer’s videos that this whole grex is fairly slow and can take 10 years to reach its full potential.
Terry, if you find anything useful, let me know. I water and feed mine the same as all the others.

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