Lepanthes deleastes

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Apr 7, 2012
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Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
I got this plant from Andy's Orchids without a name in November 2017. It was growing and flowering well, but it declined during our summer vacation in 2018. I set up automatic misting since we were away for almost 1 month, but somehow, this plant wasn't getting enough water. It was left with only 2 leaves or so, but it did recover fairly quickly (the photo of the whole plant is taken before this incident, but the plants are getting closer to the original size now).

I think it is Lepanthes deleastes. I also considered other possibilities like L. sucumbiensis, L. popayanensis, and L. dictyota. There isn't any photos of the first two, but I found some similarities to my plants from the illustrations by Luer. But overall, I think L. deleastes is the most likely ID. At the lower edge of the lip (close to the anther cap), I can see tiny hairs. This seems to be unique to L. deleastes. I appreciate any opinions about the ID. I wrote down the notes about these four species in my Orchid Borealis blog post (link).



The lip appendage, which looks like a paint brush, is pretty cool!


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