Leaf? Sheath? Something else?

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Jun 15, 2006
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San Antonio, TX
There's something going on in my lowii...is it a sheath? a new leaf? something else? I know, I know, I need to be more patient...but in the meantime, I'd like to hear people's thoughts. It is growing, by the way, so I doubt I'll have to wait too too long to find out what it is.

I jumped the gun this fall when I thought my lowii was spiking. Its just the "pre leaf" that often proceeds a spiking.

Although lowii can bloom anytime of year they most often bloom in spring and summer, with the spikes just emerging in late winter.
if that last leaf is really quite small then it might be a sheath. or if you feel a swelling. if the last leaf is 1/2 grown then it's just another leaf in all likelihood.
well we'll find out soon, because it's growing fast!


my other paph has a similar phenomenon. this one is vert 'crystal court' x treasure island 'jack'

I snuck a peak inside both plants today...and they're both leaves. Still...two new leaves on my only two paphs, can't complain, right?
an update...the one on the lowii turned out to be a sheath after all. definitely not a leaf like I thought previously.

the other one is a leaf though.

I posted this picture in another thread, I'm just bumping this one.