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Last List - Roth hybrids - $30 or less

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Jan 4, 2007
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Thanks for all your orders so far. Next weekend I move to the new greenhouse so I'll be all wrapped up in moving for the next little bit. Consequently, here is the last list, with some updates and rebates from previous lists:

1. I still have some Paph. Lamontianum, which is a cross of rothschildianum and Calypso (which itself is spicerianum x boxallii) ; plants are very large 2-3 growth 20" + have never bloomed - this is a difficult plant to bloom, but when it does flower it's spectacular I have 2, and they are $20 each.

2. The biggest Paph. Prayer Wheels are gone, so I can reduce the price a little for the rest of them. This is a cross of Double Bell and glanduliferum, and I would predict these would look like little Paph. Crystelles (the parentage is very similar with a little more bellatulum and a little smaller multi). Plants are 4-5 growths, about 10" across and are, as above, probably tricky to bloom, but they're growing great!! I have 3, and they are $20 each.

3. Paph. Harold Koopowitz, these a cross of roth 'Nanchou' x malipoense 'Bear Select', a fine grex from Taiwan growing very well. I'm sure you know what it looks like - just wonderful!! These are big 14-18" single growths, BS or very close to it (the one I bloomed last year was as big), and I have 4 for sale at $30 each.

4. Paph. Magic Lantern x roth; a neat cross with the same parentage as Paph. Rose Tapesty (which is Delrosi x micranthum); a rare chance to own a weird and beautiful plant, a roth cross few other people have...it's 2 growths, BS at about 20" and is $50. I only have the one...

5. Paph. Transdoll, a cross of roth 'Val' FCC x liemieanum; should be like a Transvall but darker, these are sibs of my awarded plant. They are 1 growth, BS at about 20". Only $20, and I only have 2.

6. Paph. Delrosi - an older cross but still a nice Delrosi, these are roth 'Borneo' offspring. 2-3 BS growths, $20 each.

OK that's all I got...hope these are interesting to someone. When I get settled, I'll send out a complex divisions list of my extras, so if you'd like that please ask. Also, if you're really into complexes, and want to talk trading / selected buying at the zone or at other west coast locales, give a holler...Also, if you wanted Gloria Naugle, and it's not on the list, please ask I might be able to dig some up for $30 per multigrowth BS plant but I don't really want to sell them... ;)

I would really prefer to limit orders to $40 or more, elsewise it's hard to justify the time required by pulling, packing, and shipping. Shipping is $15 for up to 3 plants (depending on size), and we can discuss shipping for more than that. I will ship bare root, wrapped in sphagnum, via USPS Priority Mail, and I think eveyone who's ordered so far can attest to the root health of thse plants. Please email at [email protected] for more info (rather than PM - I don't check PM as often...).

Thanks for looking!!

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