Is anytime a good time to re-pot paphs?

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Feb 12, 2008
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Madison, Wisconsin USA
Allow me a moment to communicate with others who live in the real world where poor water quality is what we have to deal with.

Not everyone has access to good quality water, nor is it practical in many circumstances to procure, transport or produce it in sufficient quantity to support more than a few plants. I can provide water low in total dissolved solids for my miniatures and seedlings, but most other plants have to get by on 400ppm TDS tap water high in carbonates. That is the reason I repot Paphs 1-2 times a year. No amount of flushing with that water will do any good. Excessive fertilizer or over-watering or choice of media has nothing to do with it, nor any other controllable aspect of culture. As the carbonates build up the only way to get rid of them is repotting, and that allows me to grow some pretty decent Paphs much of the time.

Twice in the last 6 months I have gotten emails criticizing me for recommending frequent repotting of Paphs, even when I mention water quality as a contributing factor. I choose not to keep my heretical thoughts to myself, so the snobs with perfect water quality will just have to deal with it. To anyone else who sees a need to repot their Paphs regularly, don't be intimidated by those who say it is only because you are doing something wrong. Take care of your plants as you see fit.


Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Repot when it needs to be done.
Plants look great, then no need.
Like your paph, I also have some paphs that have been growing in the same pot and mix for years and they look amazing.
Then again, I believe my tap water is pretty good and I only fertilizer weak and occasionally.
Other people might benefit from more frequent repotting I guess.
I hate repotting. lol


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Mar 30, 2012
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Paph repotting:

1- Absolutely and immediately if there is any question about media break-down and root health. Doubly true for newly acquired plants. Might as well get the shocks over and let the plant begin settling in under your conditions with your fresh media.

2 - Best bet, just as the plant enters active growth. Might be spring, might be anytime for some species and hybrids. For a plant that typically makes 2 or more rounds of growth per year for you this can mean pretty much any time.

3 - For a vigorous and healthy plant, anytime, with care. It depends somewhat on how gentle you can make the repotting process - your media, your skill and patience, etc. I find that the winter semi-dormant period can be especially good for Parvi and Brachy Paphs under these circumstances.

4 - In bud or flower, it rarely makes any difference. In case 1 above the health of the plant takes precedence. In case 2 and 3, I haven't seen a problem in general.

5 - At least once a year on a planned basis, unless using largely inorganic media and/or secure in the knowledge of excellent water quality, good fertilizing practices and good media condition.

Note - For all of the above, my experience with big non-sequential multiflorals is limited.

And I freely acknowledge that some may strongly disagree with any/all of that.
I second this.
I've found that, under my conditions, disturbing a plant in low bud / sheath never ends well, though.

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