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Mrs. Paph

Wow, I don't even know where to start! So many interesting posts here! I should have gotten into a forum sooner...though my homework may have suffered a bit for it:p
Anyway, I'm in North Dakota at the moment, finishing up my BS in Horticultural Science and a minor in Botany. I've just decided on grad school at Texas A&M in plant breeding, so I guess that tells you a lot about me right there. I'm a plant freak and proud of it!
As for my orchids, I grow mostly Paphs, with good success, one healthy Phrag (b/c I just bought it:wink: ), one dying Phrag, and a few Phals and Catts I just had to 'rescue' from the major chain stores. I grow under full spectrum lights, with most repotted into CHC's, but I'm trying to rescue the aforementioned dying Phrag with S/H. I also recently divided a delenatii and put one into CHC's and the other into S/H, so we'll see how that goes.
My most exciting orchid news is my first flasking effort. I had a project for awhile rescuing haploid wheat embryos and still work with tissue culture, so I just had to build myself a glovebox and have a go with flasking my favorite genus. :clap: I got wardii and lowii seed from the Orchid Seed Exchange and sowed it March 5th. No contamination so far, and they look to me like they've imbibed, so I'm eagerly awaiting protocorms! I'm hoping this is the first step on my way to a small breeding/flasking business.
Thanks for the great welcome to SlipperTalk that I've received so far!
I'll start posting pictures as soon as I have time to look over how that's done!
~Miss Paph

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