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Eric Muehlbauer

I have no clue as to what this cactus is...the tag faded long ago. Is a round, spineless species..or is supposed to be. When it started to grow in a weird, elongated way, I decided to graft the top, in the hopes that it would get round can see the results...but that flower is gorgeous! Any idea of what it could be? Eric was just opening then....just got it from Thanh Nguyen...Take care, Eric
Very nice venustum opening, but the cactus steals the show with that flower.

It's most likely a Matucana...possibly madisoniorum. Some are spineless though they occasionally put out some odd, rather long spines. GREAT color on the flower!
Thanks! What is not visible in the picture is that the flower had a long, spiny a Lobivia, but not as long. The flower had bent over to face the light, so I placed it to face me. Take care, Eric

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