in sheath?

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Jun 9, 2006
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Great Neck - New York
I don't know what a sheath looks like when its newly forming. I have a sneaking suspicion that my eva weigner (heather's) is in sheath. But I can't tell. Is there anyway to tell while the leaf is still well inside the crown (I can't even take a pictures of it yet) ? I shined a flashlight in the crown and the leaf is a very dark green. Darker in comparison to the rest of the foliage in the plant.
Dude you're gonna have to wait for a bud. Put that flashlight away, slippers hate them and have been known to turn a bud into a new leaf at the sight of daily scrutinizing by flashlight.

But, seriously I don't know much about this "sheath" thing. Anyone?
There are a few other "signs" that increase the odds.

Often the plant will produce a couple of leaves that are still real small when a sheath is produced.

If the plant has a new growth or two its maturity is prime for a flowering event.

Also a mature growth can get kinda "bulbous" at its base when its mature enough to flower.

I think the best thing to do is get the flashlight back out, and while flashing rythimecly at the crown of the plant, chant "FLOWER, FLOWER"
Cupla other things as well Marco

avoid water pooling where the "sheath" is forming
avoid too much direct water at all for some plants as flowers may take months to develop and plants seem to be way more sensitive at this time.

I have a primcolor in spike that I've been hanging on for two years - both bottom leaves have started showing definite signs of rot after some recent rain. As is a phillipinense and phillipinense hybrid, one of which is in spike while the other primed :)

The sheath may look like a dark thin leaf for a while - this is generally the first thing you'll see - and then it'll start growing and filling out. Gordon has a laevigatum and a Yellow Tiger in spike at the moment and for a while there I thought that both had "blown". They were THAT dark.

Good luck mate - they'll flower when they're ready :)

With some species, the sheath has very fine hairs on it. Just one more thing to look out for.

- Matt
as mentioned before, a trend towards smaller and smaller leaves on _healthy_ plants may signify a sheath (i.e. deviance from the usual half to 3/4 grown second oldest-leaf when you see the start of the newest leaf). sometimes more pigmentation on the sheath, a more "flatter" appearance than your typical leaf, and the always-popular swelling of the base (don't pinch too hard, lol).
I must confess I'm impatient too ... I have this geologist's field lens which I use to peak into the growths. My P. henryanum has pushed up a sheath and the first thing I saw ... as Matt said was an unusually "prickly leaf" that didn't have the regular folded V thing going on. Actually it's not bad to take a lens to inspect your plants ... got a fright last month when this huge gray slug suddenly appeared from behind a leaf ... it was only 4mm long and quite fast for a slug ... but I got him with some watchmaker forceps.
Rick said:
I think the best thing to do is get the flashlight back out, and while flashing rythimecly at the crown of the plant, chant "FLOWER, FLOWER"

This totally works. Especially if you post pics of the ritual.
patience is a virtue, albliet one that I have little of. It is always exciting to see a spike forming but then their is a long wait for it bloom. I never poke and prod looking for swelling, ect. The last thing I want to do is chance any damage.
I may be joining marco soon in the chanting new lowii has what looks like either a new leaf or a sheath. it's still inside the crown, just visible when the plant is transilluminated. either way, awesome. :D
I think its a sheath!


This is the Eva I got from Heather. If this Eva is in sheath, I have an inkling that the Eva I got from Matt might be making a sheath soon too cause the base is super fat, i hope it does at least. **crossing fingers** :D

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