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Lance Birk

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Jul 29, 2006
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Pat Mahon said it right; there is no global warming on this planet caused by Man’s activity and/or carbon dioxide. While the earth actually is warming to a slight degree, so are all the other planets in our system. It is caused by the actions of our sun. Cosmic rays, not carbon dioxide are causing the raise in temperatures --- in some places more than others.

Just because some of you have chosen to believe different ‘theories’ that Pat Mahon does not accept, does not, in any way, mean that you are correct. It only means that your concept of the earth is governed by the fact you think man actually has significant influence over it.

Global warming is a political agenda. It has everything with the United Nations and corruption, and the transference of wealth from developed countries to selected undeveloped ones. It has nothing to do with reality. But I, myself, hold no expectations of ever convincing anyone who believes in the bogus science that ‘proves’ the global warming BS. This is all about MONEY!!! (Incidentally, I can provide documented, convincing and provable evidence that the earth is square, too.)

For those of you who so viciously have attacked him, shame on you! Where’s the polite debate? For the administrator of this forum to continuously bully and threaten Mahon, I think his actions are reprehensible, … and it speaks volumes about his true character.

Pat Mahon has an active intellect. For a young 17-year old, I see a person with a critical mind filled with volumes of knowledge. He has ideas that most adults couldn’t even have a conversation about. His ideas of conservation and selfless pursuit of plant conservation are commendable…yet he is attacked and bullied by ignorant critics. Is this what this forum is about? Must be, some of you same people attacked me, too.

I will also support Rush Limbaugh, who I heard quote a passage from my Paphiopedilum book last week. Rush speaks continuously about moral and traditional values. I have never heard him speak anything but truth. He, also, is highly intelligent and is undeservedly criticized by people who neither know him nor listen to him.

I salute Pat Mahon, and David Halla (David H), and I thank them both for their military service to our country.

Have a nice day.

Lance Birk
Lance Birk said:
For those of you who so viciously have attacked him, shame on you! Where’s the polite debate? For the administrator of this forum to continuously bully and threaten Mahon, I think his actions are reprehensible, … and it speaks volumes about his true character.

I take extreme issue with the above statement.
Clearly, you have not read the entire thread, Lance, for if you had, you would have seen the following message.

PHRAG said:
I was going to a take a back seat on this one, but I think something needs to be said.


I know you and I haven't exactly ever "hit it off" and become pals. I am going to offer you some advice here, and you can take it or leave it.

I believe you are smart. I think you have a good degree of intelligence, that someone your age rarely has. I know when I was your age, I was a stupid kid who thought I knew it all. In many ways, I am still trying to figure out how to turn that kid I was, into the man I know my parents always wanted me to be. Sometimes I succeed, and many times not.

What I would ask of you, Mahon, is this. Take a break from trying to impress us with science and botanical knowledge, and just talk to us. Don't tell us of your plans on reintroducing local species, which we can't help but question because of other situations you have placed yourself in on the forum. Just let us get to know you for a decent guy. You don't have to stop learning, just stop trying to teach. I just don't think you are quite there yet. I am not there yet either, and I am twice your age. :)

Don't be afraid to ask questions, rather than try to spout knowledge that is unrefined at best. We want to like you, believe it or not. But you have to work with us on this, or I can tell you it's only going to get worse from here. As I said, maybe I am not the one to be saying this, but I felt it needed to be said. I hope you understand, and I truly believe this will turn for you if you give it an honest chance.

I am writing this for my own benefit just as much as I am yours. I still have some growing up to do.


There was absolutely no bullying and threatening done by any of the administrators of this forum!
I also find it interesting that, though the thread continues on a positive note and the argumentative nature has dissipated, you felt the need to stir the waters up again, Lance.

This is a place of open discussion, and if you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen; or keep your mouth shut and don't read the thread. Simple as that.

You were somewhat convincing until you brought up Rush Limbaugh. To support this bloviating mass of flesh is truly disgusting. I'm not surprised that you take an anti-global warming view if you support such a highly political supporter of the administration and it's anti-science policies.

To say this man speaks of moral and traditional value is probably true, but it is hypocritical. He's a drug addict (oxycontin and hydrocodone which are opioids) and recently came back from the Dominican Republic with viagra pills that weren't prescribed for him. Of course, the fact the the D.R. is a haven for child prostitution is just a coincidence.
from Wikipedia:
Limbaugh is highly critical of environmentalism and has disputed human-caused global warming and the relationship between CFCs and depletion of the ozone layer.

If I were Pat Mahon, I would certainly not like to be lumped with this man. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but Pat has a lot of potential and needs to open his intellect to multiple ways of thinking rather than a closed and politically biased version of intellect.
how about everyone show us pictures of our plants talk about growing areas,potting media and leave the science to scientists:pity: :D
I couldn't care less what anyone's beliefs are as long as they don't infringe on me. However, I don't see ONE THING in that post that relates to CULTURE AND TAXONOMY. buzz off I say.
you're being generous. I'd probably have axed it altogether. but I admittedly have a low tolerance for idiocy.

I am so glad to hear that you also don't believe in that evilution bunch of BS. Long live the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!
I think Lance has some points here. I don't read all the threads on here but just searched through the one that is being discussed here. Although some might not agree with Mahon he is a 17 yo kid and he should be encouraged for his independent thinking. While I think he has much to learn about radiation and so do I and I am a radiation oncologist. I am pleased that a 17 yo is even thinking about such things. Lets all try to be supportive if possible or at least polite and noncondescending. We all love slipper orchids. YAY!
I agree on that....I do not agree with what Pat is saying, but he is undoubtably gifted..and he is 17....That is definitely an age where intelligence, emotion, and articulation do not always arrive in sync...hell, I used to be a teenager....and I have raised 4 of them, and I teach teenagers as a living. My oldest is in med school...he has always been brilliant. When he was 16 he was presenting his research at the Intel international science fair, and winning prizes...he also thought that Communism was the most beautiful philosphy he ever had encountered. I allowed him his freedom of thought....(although I fortunately convinced him not to join the communist youth party...perhaps it was the idea of the government investigating us that swayed him?) My son no longer holds the beliefs that he held as a teenager, but through those explorations he has become a far more historically and politically informed person than I am. Whether or not Pat holds on to his ideas in adulthood, he will certainly know how to express them and justify them, whatever they may be, in a more pursuasive manner....lets give the guy a break, he is certainly learning a lot from this discussion, as are we all. Take care, Eric
To be honest, when I saw this thread originally I was thinking of responding seriously. But today I saw the hook the worm was attached to and decided not to bite. I assure you that you should not be taking any of us too seriously, Mahon knows why people are taking him with a grain of salt, and I think the last couple days have just been a little needed release.

So instead of wasting a few more pages on what could get ugly, I'm glad to see the Flying Spaghetti Monster showed up to keep us all light hearted and focused on the truth. He reminds us that the TRUE reason for global warming still remains in DIRECT CORRELATION with a saddening lack of Pirates.
Do your parts this Halloween and maybe, just maybe, if enough of us go as pirates we can drop the global temperature by a degree or two.

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Jon in SW Ohio said:
Mahon knows why people are taking him with a grain of salt

Actually, I was quite unaware of this... perhaps you can enlighten me upon this, or is it your personal opinion? Thanks in advance :)


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