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Jun 9, 2006
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Michigan, USA
I received this email today, and thought others might be interested in this book:

Conservation Methods for Terrestrial Orchids

"This authoritative and magnificent book is the work of many years of two well-respected scientists in the field, who clearly share a lifetime passion for terrestrial orchids. It describes breakthrough orchid research that now makes it possible to propagate even the most recalcitrant of species. This book includes case studies of conservation success and technology advances written by experts in their field from around the world."

--Sir David Attenborough
From the Foreword

Conservation Methods for Terrestrial Orchids
ISBN: 978-160427-123-2, Hardcover, 7x10, 248 Pages, June 2017, Retail Price: $69.95
Buy for only $47.95
Available only at Offer ends 07/28/17.
About the Book
Orchids are unmatched in their floristic diversity, wide range of growth habitats, and, most importantly, their unique and highly adapted biology and ecology. With terrestrial orchids now among the world's most threatened plants, the need for conservation is paramount. Conservation Methods for Terrestrial Orchids equips orchid biologists, botanists, conservationists, students, and hobbyists with the necessary methodologies to facilitate the conservation of this endangered group of orchids.

This first-ever comprehensive volume on terrestrial orchids includes background information, techniques, procedures, and relevant case studies on topics such as monitoring, approaches used for mycorrhizal isolation and culture, seed sowing techniques, soil baiting, symbiotic culture of terrestrial species, translocation of propagated plants, pollination, genetic approaches for orchid biology and conservation, innovations in alginate encapsulation of seed and mycorrhizal fungus, and more.
View a Sample Chapter:

Key Features
Clearly and concisely explains the procedures necessary for terrestrial orchid conservation and restoration
Offers methods and techniques complete in their detail, utilization of modern technology, simplicity, and ease of application across species from different parts of the world
Features beautiful color illustrations and photographs outlining procedures and concepts
Provides stand-alone guidance in each chapter and collectively enables practitioners to undertake what were previously considered complex scientific procedures
Includes relevant case studies to illustrate key principles and success stories in orchid conservation, written by world leaders in orchid conservation practice and science
About the Authors

Nigel Swarts, Ph.D., received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology at Curtin University. He then completed his Ph.D. with distinction on the conservation of critically endangered orchids at the University of Western Australia. Nigel's research has led to a better understanding of the role of mycorrhizal specialization in the ecology and rarity of the Orchidaceae. His work has contributed to the development of new approaches to the conservation and recovery of terrestrial orchids based on key biological and ecological requirements for orchid survival. Nigel is currently a Research Fellow at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture at the University of Tasmania.

Kingsley Dixon, Ph.D., is the Curtin University Professor at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Western Australia. He is one of Australia's leading botanists and has published over 400 peer reviewed papers and 13 books, and has been recognized with several awards, including the Australian Orchid Foundation Award of Honour, the international Linnean Medal in Botany, and the Western Australian Scientist of the Year (2016/17). His passion for orchids and their conservation led him to establish the well-known International Orchid Conservation Congress series in 2001. Currently, Kingsley holds positions on international boards and commissions, including co-chair of the Orchid Specialist Group of the IUCN, Chair of the Research Committee of the Australian Orchid Foundation, Chair of the International Network for Seed-based Restoration, Chair of the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia, and Board member of the Society for Ecological Restoration.

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