I feel like a thief :-)

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
This morning Donna and I got up early and went to the NJ show. It took us around 2 hours and 20 minutes to arrive. We got there just as they opened. That's just the way I like it. We went inside and it was freezing inside. The first booth that we say was The Orchidphile. Next to her was Piping Rock. Glen had a nice selection, particularly of complex paphs. in bloom. A number of them looked great. Donna said, grab them now, don't wait and lose them. I picked three and had Glen hold them. Then I went to another both and turned around and went back and took another couple. Then a quick trip around the 8 or so vendors and back to Piping Rock for a paph bellatulum in bud. To my surprise, Glen said this ones on me. I've never gotten a free orchid at a show. Thanks Glen. In my option these complex paphs. were a deal. They each cost $35 with the exception of the big guy in the back which was $50. I've grown many seedling complex and bought many mature in bud complex paphs. and maybe one in a hundred or two hundred are worth keeping. Here is a photo of them once we arrived home with myself in one of the photos. Donna asked for one plant, a oncidum twinkle which is also in the photo.

I'm having trouble posting this today and have been trying for hours. I had to put a little piece in at a time and then edit it. It won't let me add the rest of my post so will do so here.

I also had a pre-order from Ten Shin. I bought size B micranthums which I'm really not satisfied with. These were B size so 4 1/4 inch to 8 inch leaf span. These are 3 inch to maybe 3 3/4 inches at best. I haven't checked the roots yet. I did however buy a couple of c size plants which are near mature size. These were Hysing web x mastersianum and chamberlainianum x mastersianum. These look to be the 8 to 12 inch size as advertised. I don't think I would buy pre-order size A or B from them again. But I would buy size C or D which are almost nonexistent on the sales list.

Overall it was a nice show, just really cold. Let's hope the people warm up the area so the plants can be happier. I feel like a thief taking all of the nice complex paphs. from Glen. I wasn't looking for complex paphs. as there are just too many ugly ducklings in any group. I was just looking for the parvy group. Oh yea, I think it was Fishing Creek who had a seedling or two of Liberty Taiwan but it was too pricey for me. Nope, it was Marlow's that had the Liberty T.
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You're not a thief if you pay for the things. :poke:

I'm no fan of bulldog Paphs but a great shopping trip is always worthy of an applause I think. :clap:

And I never realized how big the flowers are on those Paphs, especially that big one.
What a purchase! Congrats! Do you know the names of the Complex?
Early bird gets the worm...
Nice haul!

There is a vendor that brings min/max thermometer to these events.
Great purchases Bob. That one monster flower is as big as your head. Glen always has such nice plants and I am not surprised he gave you a freebie.
Nice complex haul! I wish Glen came to the shows around here. Sorry about the disappointing Ten Shin order, hopefully you got vigorous ones with decent roots, though.