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I always entertained my children when they were infants (and my nephews kids as well...) by singing all the dirty songs from my adolescence (hey, as long as they're too young to speak English....)...mainly songs by the Fugs.......speaking of whom, I was glad to run into the great Tuli Kupferberg on Saturday when I was in Manhattan...its great when you can run into the great cultural icons of your childhood so casually...well, alright....he was an icon to me...I don't care if you never heard of him.......Take care, Eric
Colbert is such a stitch!

So, Stephen, is your name Ted Hitler, also??? (like your namesake)

Thanks for the link, Heather. What fun!
When I was about 10 years old, I disappeared for a while...(completely serious here!)

I was watching a movie with two of my brothers on the oldest ones bed, and fell asleep in the middle of the bed around 6pm. Around midnight, I awoke alone in the same spot and got up to go across the hall into my room to go back to sleep when my brother saw me and came running up to me. "Where have you been??? Mom's worried sick and the police are out looking for you!!" he shouted at me. I thought he was messing with me, so I kept going towards my room. He grabbed me and took me to the window and sure enough there were about 6 cop cars, a fire truck, an ambulance, and cops with flashlights shining all over the yard and woods nearby. I went outside to tell my mom I was fine, and she nearly fainted seeing me come out of the house. She asked where I had been and I told her I fell asleep on the bed and woke up in the same place on the bed. She said that wasn't possible because a few different police officers went through each room of the house and pulled the covers off each bed and turned them over, and basically turned the whole house upside down until deciding there was nowhere in the house I could be. They then started searching the woods and creek nearby, worried I'd went exploring as I was known to do and got hurt. I just remember falling asleep with my brothers sitting next to me, and waking up alone in the same spot.

Another odd thing is my brother, who's room that was, has a few fillings on his back teeth. He swears up and down he's never had a cavity filled, and my mom can't remember him having them done either.

I still wish I knew where I was that night.

Sex Sex
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That goes right along with the Southpark episode thats on RIGHT NOW. Cartman gets an anal probe from aliens.
Did your ass hurt, by chance :poke:
Jon, that is one freaky tale!

One summer, we were on Nantucket for a week. I had just finished fifth grade going into sixth and was still really into stuffed animals. My folks had bought me a stuffed whale, so much history about that on the island! I named him Signus for the whale I had seen out watching on a class field trip earlier that year. He had breached for us. :)

It was a really nice vacation, Nantucket is lovely, and though I have not returned since this trip, I would love to, and the town I recently moved to reminds me in many ways of Nantucket. Anyway. My sister and I slept out on an all-season sun porch that week, and I vividly recall stories of how, one night, I sleep walked to the door and walked right out! Jane said simply "Heather, where are you going?" and I said, "outside" and turned around and crawled back into bed.

I've never been a chronic sleep walker, but I often awake and have very coherent conversations with people, and return to bed, remembering nothing about them the following day. It is disconcerting, not knowing what I said. I have done it via email many times as well.
well.. one thing that changed my life was living in Dubai as a child... not the ultra cosmopolitan city of today but the dubai before there was money from oil. This was posted along the main street just out side the souk (market)...


And these were the next door neighbours (we lived in the compound in the background)

I attended SUNY Purchase for some classes as an Adult returning student. During a party there one night [and honestly under the influence of Acid] I had a vision of my death. I was in a flying machine during an actual war between good and evil. I think today with the current religious-based conflicts there are some of us who will have to chose. My motto on this matter is if I have to chose or die, I will fight to the death to not have to make a choice. E.
Along the lines of doing things in your sleep:

My first semester in college I took an upper-division Sociology course, and enjoyed it greatly. So I figured I'd take the mid-level sociology-survey-for-majors course. The first day, I was nodding in and out of sleep. The professor was going on about methods of inquiry, holding up two glasses of clear liquid and asking "how can we tell which one is water? It might not be safe to just try drinking one, because . . ." and I was out cold. There was a slapping sound. I was awake. Everyone was looking at me, kinda freaked out. I opened my hand, which was in front of me, and discovered that I was holding a piece of ice. The professor collected the ice from me, shaken, and went on to talk about 'experimental method' and 'see, the ice doesn't float in this liquid' and so forth. He had apparently thrown the ice at me, and I had caught it overhand – i.e., with a downward clawing motion. The slap sound was the flat part of the ice cube hitting my palm.

I dropped the class and signed up for an advanced social theory course.

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