I don't know you! But I want to.

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I want to get to know you better. Yes, you! No, not you Zach.

Post one thing people may or may not know about you. One, 1, uno, single, solitary, loneliest number. Just one people. I don't want to know you that well. :)

I will start. I have a small, brown birthmark on the back of my left hand in the shape of a diamond. Once, while looking at all her children's baby pictures, my mother said that they only way she could pick out my photos was to find my birthmark. :( Thanks mom.
I was the Northeast 15-and-under USA Gymnastics pommel horse champion in 1998. The other kids didn't stand a chance. I was pretty nasty.

Shortly after, I was forced to quit the sport. I'm convinced gymnastics is the single best athletic training a youngster can have. It's unparalleled in its combination of strength, flexibility, goal-setting, and most importantly discipline. I'll have to rummage around and find a photo of me at that age.
Was able to run a sub 11 second 100 meter dash when younger. Recently partially tore my ACL kick boxing:( so prob can run it now in under 30 sec
lol muffy!...haha

hmmm...i was a pain in the butt when I was younger. My grandparents raised me in the philippines till the age of 5 then moved here not knowing one bit of english. Now I can barely speak in tagalog. I remember knocking out my nanny which rattled her goldtooth and fell out. She quit being my nanny shortly thereafter. When I went to visit about 3 years ago. The same nanny came up to me and asked "Mico (my nickname) do you remember me?" embarassed I said no.:eek: I have no refined skills whatsoever. I don't play the piano or any sort of instrument. I tried taking classes and never persued cause ummm. I kind of pissed off the teacher. That goes along with almost all my other elementary, middle school and high school teachers.:eek: Give me a transformer though, starscream masterpiece that recently came out please ;), and ill change it from from its different modes for you.
I raised orchids for 20 years before I joined a society, and it's only caused me to be involved even more since then. They roped me into being their President for 3 years until I decided to be an AOS judge for the last 10 years.
Sometimes, I think it was a lot more simple to be an isolated unknown......
When i was little, i used to loooooove insects and would spend every free minute catching them. Then one day, i heard something about ear wax and asked my mom about it. She told me that when kids are bad, insects go in their ears and die and turn into ear wax. From that point on, i've been HORRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrified of ANY type of insect.
Heather said:
My family's nickname for me is 'Muffy'.

Stop laughing.

:rollhappy: :rollhappy: :rollhappy:


I could not stop laughing!!!:rollhappy: :rollhappy: :rollhappy:

Well I have one just as bad; my brother used to call me "Ernie" (From Sesame Street), and I hated that name. Don't ask me why he called me that.

This thread is a veritable wonderland of blackmail material. Keep it coming!

I will also open up the rules a little. You can post a second secret if you want to. Marco already told us his life story. : )

Pffft. Muffy. :rollhappy:
My college friends all call me 'Beave'. Usually with one or two exclamation points. Many don't even know my real name.

No particular reason, except that I reminded somebody of somebody he knew in high school that he called Beave. Of course his name was 'Pup' (because he went home every weekend his freshman year like a puppy), and his roommate was Dead. My roommate was Cake, for some reason. Better than being the guy called 'Chunks'. *grin*

So, Muffy, I feel for you. :poke:
I tend to be alone quite a bit. I like to be by myself, and spend my time in silence. A lot of people think I am fairly boring because I don't drink (I will have one drink on occasion, but that's it), and I read, walk or cook most of the day. But what they don't know is that I want to be alone mostly because I am building a mind-control device, and soon I will take over the world. That's my secret. Please don't tell anyone.
I love my seedlings more than my adult plants and spend about an hour a day admiring them. Can't stop. Will walk over look at them touch them. Then 10 minutes later I am crouched looking at them again. No joke. Big waste of my time but I think there is a calming effect taking place. I believe the children are our future!
bwester said:
I play the Bassoon.
Yeah.... I was a band nerd.

Sweet! I always thought if I played a reed instrument, I would want it to be the bassoon. That's so cool!

and me too...except we called them band geeks in my high school. :rolleyes: I also play flute, and piano in the jazz band (which was actually cool).

BTW, The first one of you to call me "Muffy" in IM? I will hunt you down and kick you. :)
I guess this is probably more along the lines of bragging...

As a junior in highschool, I was a state champ in the 1600m(mile) run. Time was 4:25.26. I ran Division I cross country / indoor track / outdoor track my freshman year in college. My best times from those seasons were a 4:04.88 1500m and an 8:54 3000m. Unfortunately, I'm a quitter. Four hour practices don't really allow for getting much schoolwork done.

Time for secret #2.
When I was about 8, I bugged the local florist to special order a Venus Flytrap for me. I then proceeded to kill it by feeding it balogna. Yep.
Three years ago I killed a panda. Ling-Ling! Or the other one. I can't tell them apart. In my own defense, in my own defense Jon, it was dark, I was drunk, and it was delicious.


(bonus points if you know where that's from)