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Hybrid Catt seedlings

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Mrs. Paph

I'm not sure I'm going to find anyone wanting to trade slippers in return for my Catt seedlings on SlipperTalk, but here's the info if anyone's interested :p

I have a number of seedlings from a Catt cross. When I got them I was told that they were a hobby breeding effort between two very fragrant parents. The majority of them seem very healthy to me (in the pic you can see a couple are still squished, perhaps from being crowded in flask or shipping) and have been growing very slowly but steadily through the winter for me, but I'm not particularly interested in growing out Catt's. Here's some pics I took today right after watering the seedlings - they're in Sphag. right now and would be shipped wrapped in damp Sphag. too. (It's STILL snowing here in ND, so it might be a few weeks before we could swap plants)



Thanks for looking! If you would like them and have any Paphs or Phrags you'd like to trade post an offer here or PM me. If those chocolate mint Altoids that snuck into the picture would sweeten the deal you're welcome to those too! :rollhappy:

~Miss Paph
Miss paph, they look good, but one suggestion. They're way overpotted and would be happier in 2 inch. pots. And if you can find out the cross name, you'll have a much easier time finding a trading buddy:>
Sorry, no cross name, the parents may not have had labels, I really don't know. I know that's a concern, but since they were given to me I can't complain about only knowing that they'll probably smell good. :p
And the seedlings don't seem to care what size pot they're in, the ones in the tiny half plastic cup are doing just as well as the ones in the larger pots - I just watch how much I water, plus the bottoms of the bigger ones are just filled w/ aggregate to take up the extra space they don't need - I was just out of the right size pots when I got them)
What size were the parent plants, if you know. I may be interested if they were mini and possibly if compact. Not so interested if they are standard sized.
Ok, maybe this will clear up some questions - I haven't met in person with the person who sent me these plants, they just came along with some research papers and info as a little extra surprise when I requested college info, so I didn't push for any other details, especially when I decided on another school :) So all I know is that they liked the parents, and they smelled nice, so they decided to breed them and flask the seed. So on the off chance that someone else is interested in a surprise...that is what they are!:wink: