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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
What if anything can you guys tell me about Hsinying Orchids? I'm guessing they are possible out of Japan. The reason I ask is John at Parkside just e-mailed me and said they had been getting lots of orchids in the last few weeks. He stated that many of them are paphs. and most originated from In-charm Orchids as well as Hsinying. Anyone out there with any information on these guys would be appreciated. I plan on going to Parkside early on Fri. for their sale. I'll probable learn more while I'm there.

Heather here is part of my e-mail from John. I did remove a few lines that had no bearing on this topic.

Many of them new paphs, that came indirectly for In-Charm and Hsinying. Many are new brach and parvi hybrids like Hideki Okuyama, Hiroki Tanaka, Pedro’s Moon, Winter Coat just to mention a few. We also have lots of new multi-floral hybrids and we did get more of the godefroyaes from Hsio. Anyway I don’t believe you will be disappointed with the selection this year.
I did a bit of digging. Hsinying is the county capital of Tainan, which is the center of the orchid industry in Taiwan. Taisuco is from around there somewhere. (TAIwan SUgar COmpany). They had their International Orchid Show there in 2005.

Aren't all the hsinying grexes registered by Ching Hua Orchids?
I believe that either In-Charm or Ching Hua (both from Taiwan) often use 'Hsinying' as a clonal name. The Taiwanese breeding is getting much better, they are being more selective with the parents now days.