How to store viable capsules?

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Dec 10, 2018
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Portland, Oregon
7 Months ago I made a post about a successful pollination and now the capsules have been turning green. I heard very mixed reviews about a lot of labs, so I was wondering if I'd be better off attempting to flask them myself? Apart from that, I would need to get any supplies in order to do so. Would I be able to store the capsules in the fridge right before, or as soon as they split?
If you want to do green pod you pretty much have to do it when you harvest. Otherwise wait until they split, cut the pod onto a piece of white paper, and bring it somewhere dryish (not in your growing area) to fully dry (a day or two), then package up the seed. Clean it up as much as you can first (remove the capsule and any big pieces of debris). If you keep it wet it will either rot or contaminate.

I don't refrigerate any seed. No refrigerators in the rainforest...

No reason not to flask yourself, but it can be a lot of little costs to get set up. They add up quickly. If you are really attached to the cross, save half the seed to do yourself, and send the other half out. somewhere.

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