how to pollinate paphs

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Interesting. I know many people cut off the pouch, but I've never had a problem leaving it be...

His flasking service won't be free if you're not sharing the plants/seed with others but his prices are very reasonable to do private flasking. He'll do a seed assay for you for a minimal charge and let you decide how many flasks you'd like.
Just for clarification, Troy's flasking service specializes in species, not seedlings. It is free only for species orchids with proper photo documentation. Having said that, I use this service for both species and proprietary flasking, and highly recommend it. Flasking is done in a thoroughly professional manner, plants are always healthy, and communication is excellent.
Troy also has a pollination tutorial on his site for a couple of different species, but I think Matts is easier to see whats going on.

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