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Jun 10, 2006
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Germantown, Marlyand (D.C. suburbs)
I figured this would be a good way to make my 100th post, and also say thanks to the guys out there for making this place, and especially to stephen for telling me this wonderful site existed!!

Ok, here are two of the paphs i encountered on my trip to the smithsonian - both of which i found to be particularly interesting. (Tim, you're ineligible on this!)
Feel free to ask questions, etc. Any answers can be Pm'ed to me, so i can let y'all know who gets them first. Let the games begin!
Paph #1

Paph # 1 - another bloom about opening

Paph # 2 - several different views

Rick - youre right on with the second one. It is indeed Lowii x Spicerianum, a.k.a. Paph De Witt Smith

As for the second one - it is not a primary hybrid, and no, supardii, lowii, and randsii are not in the mix.
I'll clarify - this is a really weird plant, considering what it is. When i found out what it was, i didnt believe it. Apparently there was some sort of weird transfer of the genes, and it picked up some odd petal structure elements that are not visibly indicitave of the parentage. PHEW! that took the breath outta me!

Short version - it's a FREAK! A highly unusual mutation.
Jon in SW Ohio said:
#1 (Transvaal x sanderianum)

Nope, no transvaal in there. I'll throw another vague hint out there - the traits that one would expect to carry through strongly with this concentration of a certain parent - did not. instead, the subtle traits of another parent, not usually bred for, became quite a bit more pronounced.
Rick said:
Then its gotta have kolopakingii and philipinnense in it!!

I hate mind teasers:drool: :confused: :mad:

nope, niether.

Think SUPER popular primary hybrid x SUPER popular species = Super weird manifestation of subtle traits of each. When you figure it out, you'll see the small hints in the flower.

its all coryo, too...