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Jan 4, 2007
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Lots in bloom these days...


Part of the Greenhouse


Vintage Harvest 'Chardonnay' B/CSA, a cross of the formidable English breeder Chianti 'Chilton' x Golden Acres, with beautiful color.


Sunset 'Alpha' AM/RHS, a cross of Earl of Chester x Maudiae, winner of the George Moore Medal for best paph awarded by the RHS in 1937.


Hellas 'Westonbirt' FCC/AOS-RHS, B/CSA and GMM winner in 1942.


Manayunk 'April' AM/AOS, Winston Churchill 'Redoubtable' x Dakota 'Penn Valley', a red from the collection of W.W. Wilson with extraordinary petals (PW 6.4 cm) and great form.


Sioux 'Bluejay' HCC/AOS, from a remake of the original W.W. Wilson cross by the Tonkins using Winston Churchill 'Redoubtable' and Gigi 'Malibu' (rather than Gigi 'Bonsall').


Valerie Tonkin 'Quail' HCC/AOS, registered as Stefani Pitta 'Val' x Hellas 'Westonbirt' but this one from the F1 sibling strain, a grex originally registered in 1984 and still being awarded in 2011, PW 6.3 cm.


Bonita 'Jacqueline Smith' HCC/AOS-ODC, a cross of Great Mogul and Nancy Gamble, which despite great color and having been awarded in the late 1950s, has never made any offspring of note.


Lastly, a selected plant of Donna Hanes x (Vashon Sundance x Prime Time), which has never been registered and was made by Papa Aroha. This is a wonderful grex - this clone has flowered as the largest well-formed flower I own, topping out at nearly 16 cm NS and 6.8 cm PW. This year's flowering is not as good, but still a pretty flower showing good potential. I have another one, not quite as large but still nice form, which is pure gold. I really like this flower.
I would appreciate knowing what day and night temperatures you maintain in your greenhouse in the winter.
lol...always Teresa! The Josie Gonzalez from I got from you is just cracking open...more tomorrow I guess...

Consett - I only have one thermostat, and it's set for 58F. Today it got up to 75 or so, the first day over 70 this year.
All look nice. I liked looking through the pictures and reading your comments about them. Thanks for posting.

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