Paphiopedilum Luther Pass (BETTER THAN MOST. THIS IS BETTER THAN MOST. From golf TW)

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David B

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May 2, 2022
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This is Paphiopedilum Luther Pass and it is a sib cross of "Star Field x Sensation'AM/AOS ,( Winston Churchill x Spotglen) made by Hillsview Gardens. Awarded a week ago in Toronto , 80 point AM/AOS clonal name 'Chocolate Fireworks". There are 21 awards to this grex, most garnered by Theresa Hill and the credit is hers for making a sib cross. This plant has more than adequate vigor, and is long lasting. The below pics show the color and form of this semi-gloss flower, but please note the unique pattern on the dorsal reverse that is barely perceptible on the dorsal front even when backlit. From the Hillsview Gardens web, there is also a pic of two Luther Pass for sale. Quality complex paphs. that bloom consistently well and can be used for breeding are commanding top prices.Luther Pass AWD.jpgLuther Pass AWD.close.jpgLuther Pass dorsal reverse.jpgLuther Pass backlit reverse.jpgLuther Pass for sale..png
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