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Im from Montreal, Quebec. I'm 27 years old, been growing for about 9 years. I have a black thumb for Phrags, but I seem to be doing ok with my small collection of Paphs. I really like the Parvi's the best and their hybrids with P. rothschildianum.
When I'm not chasing after my three girls (Haley 6, Savannah 4, and Autumn 8months) Im usually sitting at the kitchen table painting. Orchids and tropical parrots are my favorite subjects. Im going to try to post a painting I did of Paph rothschildianum...hope it works!
Nice collection of work, Deejay!! The Haraella odorata and Paph. micranthum pieces particularly caught my eye. I see you're also a clematis head, along with other liliidae. Those clematis are quite amazing flowers, arent they?!?!

Glad to have you here - looks like you'll be a valuable addition
Welcome DeeJay Have loved your paintings

for several years now - the old A O C fourm you put up some great paintings -- we'll get those phrags growing for you .
Thank you for the welcome and your comments on my artwork! :)

I only have a few Clematis, but they are one of my favorite garden plants. The striped one has flowers the size of dinner plates!:D

John, I sent you and update on the Bess painting...maybe you can post it for me?

Here are the progress shots of the besseae. Just remember, it's already been spoken for! :)

I would really suggest you get on DeeJay's commission waiting list and start discussing purchasing one of his paintings. Or at the very least, grab one of his beautiful prints. The clarity on those is incredible.


Very nice photos of your family and those orchid photos. I really think your Paph rothschildianum painting is really beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.