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Jun 6, 2009
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San Francisco, CA
Well, no time better for this: I'm on a brief vacation and there is really nothing I want to do more than mix potting medium, tinker with new lights, fans, watering systems, try to keep the kitchen table potting bench and the kitchen table bloom display areas separate...
So here I am! I've periodically lurked here, but I think it's time to leap in. I need info and peers in papherie!
I joined the San Francisco Orchid Society a few months ago, have become one of the librarians in order to begin participating. I've gone to several orchid events this year, bought many, many plants during the past year or two, and had good success with some and poor experiences with others. I'm not expert at repotting yet and have had my share of unhappy root systems. I'm learning, though. Right now I'm trying to figure out the actual temperature ranges of the four rooms in my flat where I can grow plants. I have windows in all directions, but the really good windows aren't nearly big enough to accomodate all the plants now. Hence the light systems for two rooms. Now I'm scurrying to keep up with the watering!
I won't go into detail about my plants here, but I know you have all been at my stage and probably are smiling indulgently. I'm a lifelong gardener, though, and that helps a lot.
I do have a mixed collection in addition to the paphs, but don't have a clear direction with any of it other than the paphs. Many are now reblooming happily and growing vigorously, but the others I don't know about yet. Since this is the slipper forum, I will say that I'm particularly eagerly awaiting the next bloom on P. venustum album ('Pippin' x 'Limey'). And that I have all too many unnamed plants that I chose to buy simply to experiment with on culture.
welcome to the forum from Luxembourg Chris!!! Here are lots of interesting , helpful infos available!!! I am sure you will have pics. to show us :)!! Jean
Hey, all!
Thanks so much for the welcomes!
Now I feel connected!
Ernie, I've been on your site several times in the past, learning lots. I just went there again and re-read all your info on lighting and vacations!
Hi Chris. Welcome to Slippertalk.

You mentioned that some of us have been where you are now, with regards to growing orchids. Just to let you know, some of us are still at that stage, i.e., learning how to grow orchids. This may be because we are always experimenting and learning new things about these beauties. So don't feel intimidated!