Hi All from Norfolk, VA....

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Nov 10, 2013
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Just thought I'd introduce myself, I have been a lurker for a long time, I decided to take the leap and register....

Tom Chapman...been growing orchids for about 5-6 years...a few years ago I got hooked on paphs. I have about 70-80, mostly complex hybrids, along with a few species. My biggest love are the bulldog types.

I'm an indoor grower...a spare bedroom is my grow space...large southeast bay window supplemented with a 400 watt HID sodium on a ceiling track does the trick. I also have several racks with fluorescent grow bulbs.

Everything goes outside in summer under a shade house...I live in Norfolk, VA; so the Tidewater area humidity and warm temps are a godsend for 6-7 months... my paphs love it.....:smitten:
Hey Tom, welcome. Don't let us old gaggles drive you back into hidding. Hangout and show us your bulldogs!
welcome, I grew up in Va Beach and Norfolk, as well as did my time in the Navy there also..i dont miss the humidity

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