Help me increase my humidity!

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cdub said:
Oh yeah and I recently was talking with Zach about the traditional "tray with pebbles" for increased humidity and I went out and outfitted my grow shelves with the trays and I am super impressed with the regular 75% RH during the day and slightly higher at night. I was unaware of the effectiveness of passive evaporation of the water from the trays. I'm diggin the pebbles.

well i have a tone of diatomite.. I migth just end up using those...its just gonna be a ***** cleaning 4 trays with diatomite in them
Ultrasonic fogger.

What is a 10 jet fogger? Does it have 10 elements and who makes it? My ultrasonic fogger doesn't work w/ R.O. water so I only use it w/ my Pleuro's.