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Hello everyone,

New to the forum and just wanted to say hello. I only have 14 orchids, 5 of which are slippers as I have just really taken to them recently. I look forward to sharing and learning a lot with everyone.

Hello Jay!!!! Welcome to the forum!!!! You can ask everything and you can always get a really helpful answer... :) Nice choice...
WELCOME to the forum JAY! You won't have 14 orchids for long, we're a bad influence!!! Where are you from? Can you give us a list of what you have, curious minds want to know!
I have updated my profile to show location of Palm Springs, CA. I live in very in the desert so I have had a hard time with dehydration and lack of humidity.

I have switched my orchids to S/H and have had great results. As for my slippers, I have: 1 noid Maudaie type, 1 roth, 2 young sanderianums in one pot, 1 bellatullum, 1 Mark Eickoff, and 1 Phrag Jason Fischer.

Welcome, jay! You have a good start but be prepared to be influenced to increase your collection.:evil:
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Thanks everyone, what a great welcome.

Heather, I may take you up on that! I am in the process of trying one other idea. I have my orchids on a wire shelf with trays of water attached below the wire on each shelf. I am going to add a small airstone for fish aquariums in each to see if that will help with the evaporation and increase the humidity.

As for the S/H, I am glad to see so many here. I have only been doing this for one month but am very pleased with the results. I really look forward to discussing other S/H techniques and tips.

Nice to meet you,


Welcome to the 'addiction Jay. I started with other orchids but have 'discovered' the joy of 'slippers'. This is a great forum with loads of friendly help.
I was actually thinking about that but was wondering if that would really help. Has anyone here tried that?

Phal pal- nice to see you. I have become a big fan of the slippers.:D

There are some pictures of foggers working in some of the [growing area] threads here. The cheapie 'Petland Discout' ones only work in an enclosed area. For my Pleurothallids I use a 10 Jet fogger I got off eBay. When the wind is right it can blanket the floor in a fog! My slippers I grow in water or very wet so I dont have humidity problems.
Hi there jay! So nice to meet you. I am new here to the forums as well.


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