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Nov 26, 2007
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Luxembourg - Europe
6:30 Luxembourg time; I finally did it with the help of Candace and the admins. Thank for that.
I am 58, with wife and 2 grown-up kids. I am a(n almost retired) 1st generation Bank IT-guy.
I started with orchids some 20 years ago, but I think I got the fever much earlier, at the age of 20 (+/-), when being allowed to visit the greenhouses of a gardencenter where one of my friend used to work. The was one house filled up with large Cattleyas!! in mind, I still have the fantastic view of these hundreds of white and pink flowers (maybe less then hundred? ? , anyway); I was stunned, and told me that, one time in the future, I would also be able to...; today I have a veranda greenhouse with +/- 500 plants. Nevertheless, I still do not consider myself as an big expert, I am able to have them living and growing, but not all of them decided to flower yet.
Cattleyas and alliance form the larger part of my collection, but there are quite some other genera, Coelogyne, Vandas, some Dendrobiums, some africans, and of course Paphios and Phragmipediums.
As a Luxembourger, I am proud to have some Phalaenopsis lindenii, Phragmipedium lindenii (did not yet flower!), Phragmipedium schlimii (did not yet flower!): I do consider those people Jean-Jules Linden and his half-brother Louis-Joseph Schlim, both born in Luxembourg, as my compatriots.

I wanted to be a member of this forum, not only to bring input and show pictures of my plants, but also to ask questions, because there are still a lot of them!

Here some of my orchids, actually blooming: the species name is part of the photos title.
You see that there is already a 1st question: this Phrag. is a schlimii? or a Hanne Popow or some different hybrid?

Boff, this was hard for a first posting: (07:30)


  • Bothriochilus-macrostachyus-00011-0711-11k.jpg
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  • Cattleya-labiata-46201-0711-8k.JPG
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  • Paphiopedilum-hermannii-46369-0710-15k.jpg
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  • Paphiopedilum-niveum-46319-0710-16k.jpg
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  • Phragmipedium-unknown-46127-0711-3k.jpg
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Welcome. This is a great place to ask questions and learn from other orchid lovers.

I am so sorry you had so much trouble registering! We've had many "fake" members registering with gmail accounts recently and then we had that trouble with the server where we couldn't approve anyone for a week. Truly, my most heartfelt apologies for your troubles, I am so glad you made it finally!

Our first member from your lovely country! I didn't realize that Linden and Schlim were from there, nor that they were half brothers, how interesting!

I agree, that's a lovely Hanne Popow you have (lots of schlimii influence in it, however.)

Well, again, so glad you are finally here!

My best,
Welcome(finally) and yes, sorry about all the hoops you had to jump throught to join us. I hope you find the trouble was worth it.

I also didn't know they were half-brothers. Interesting tidbit of information.
Welcome JeanLux! You did a nice job with the photos! Looks like you have a nice variety, we can only hope for hermanii!
Welcome, Jeanlux! The unlabelled phrag is just beautiful, whatever it is.
Welcome, Jeanlux. I agree, it's probably Hanne Popow. My Beauport is very similar, only a bigger flower and not so much yellow on the staminode. It also might be Elizabeth Castle.
Nice niveum, and other flowers, also.
thank you Isaias
Machu Picchu has since long been a possible destination in my dreams, maybe I shall realize some of them!!

(merci beaucoup, mais je préfère utiliser l' anglais pour mes envois; néanmoins pour ce qui est d' éventuels mails privés bilatéraux, j'adorerais les écrire en francais)

Greetings from Luxembourg
Welcome to the forum JeanLux. Beautiful collection of pictures. I'm strictly an amateur here and have been very pleased with the quick and knowledgable responses to all comments and questions.

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