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Hello my name is Garrie Landry from Lafayette Louisiana. I've been an orchid admirrer for countless years and until recently only had one Paph under my care. Ive had that plant for many years and its done very well and bloomed every year. Now that I have a large greenhouse underway I hope to increase my Paph collection and ofcourse knowledge about this group of Orchids. I am not new to plants, I teach botany at the University of Louisiana, I have a large collection of Rhapis palms, many cycads (even described one new species back in 1976) and I have cultivated many types of ferns for a very long time. I humbly admit I have no knowledge of growing Phaps. but I want to learn and want to do it right. So I look forward to meeting you all and it sounds like this is a good place to be. (Oh and I bought Lance's book, OMG what a book, no doubt it will tell me much i need to know. garrie landry:)
Hi Garrie, welcome....I'm sure you'll end up with many many paphs like the rest of us....I need a greenhouse:)
I'm happy to meet a botany prof. I'm sure you have somethings to teach us too... I really enjoyed a botany course at my university with Dr. Currah
Welcome aboard!

I'm sure you'll find once you've learned to speak the language of plants, orchids and especially slippers are pretty easy...and I'm willing to bet you've got that down. Be sure to repot at least every other year, as slippers love fresh mix around their roots and don't overwater and they grow themselves.

Good to have you!

Hello Garrie!
The most important thing you will discover when you start to feel your way around here is that everyone has their own particular way of growing anything!!! :rollhappy: Not that some don't agree:confused: but the secret is finding your own way once you have discovered the fundamentals::clap: water, light, temperature, growing media, humidity, etc. In fact that is probably why there is so much disagreement: the fundamentals are different for different places ???:drool:

From your introduction I would think your specialty is Palms?? What steered your way to paphs.?
Welcome to the board!!

There are plenty of great growers her that will be able to answer most all of your questions. Enjoy the board!!

A fern lover, eh? Ever had a Selaginella uncinata? I just killed mine :(
Welcome, I think you will like this forum, full of info. although terrestriel man hit the nail on the head.

thanks every one

for the welcome. Yes I have a huge collectoin of Palms, and yes the humidity here in Louisiana is high even when its low, its high. I only hope the warm summer nights will be kind to Paphs, that is my biggest concern, but so far my single paph has done very well, I hope the others Ive acqired will too.

Selaginella uncinata, actually you know its been naturalized here in a few places in Louisiana and man is it beautiful to see in nature the irridescent blue running through the woods is quite a site to behold.

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