Hello from a new member from Northern California.

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Feb 16, 2021
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I’m a Paph Newbie. I started a paph collection last month and it‘s pretty exciting to watch my plants grow. I’ve had some recent experience with phals and oncidiums. Years ago I had some cattleyas but then priorities changed as the children came. Now, retirement is bliss 😊.
I chose the member name because the slipper lips remind me of people’s jaw dropping, not because I have a exotic collection.
I’m so grateful for the information on this forum. It’s absolutely enlightening, educational, and scientific. The latter makes a difference since I do have a scientific background.
Welcome from PA...

not sure how far north you are in CA, but Paph Paradise (David Sorokowsky), and Marni Turkel are in the slightly north of Sacramento area.... Nice folks fun plants... awesome to be even 2 hours away from those folks and their plants...