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Aug 25, 2006
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
Hi all,

I am glad to have joined this wonderful forum. Here's a little bit about me:

I love slipper orchids and am fairly new to the scene, having 4 years of experience with cyps, 3 with paphs and 2 with phrags. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (USDA zone 3), where summers are hot and winters are cold, and it is dry year-round! In my northern prairie climate it is very easy to grow many species and hybrids of cyp outdoors. Indoors, it can be hard to maintain humidity for my paphs and phrags, but it works out (I use a humidifier in the winter, when it is REALLY dry and humidity trays year-round). I grow all my tropical slippers near a large west-facing window in my bedroom. I have a modest but growing collection of slipper orchids:

Cyp calceolus
Cyp parviflorum var. parviflorum
Cyp parviflorum var. pubescens x4
Cyp reginae
Cyp Ulla Silkens

Paph Valerie Tonkin x Maudiae
Paph Z4135 x charlesworthii
Paph Carticle x Hsinying Maru
Paph Claire de Lune x philippinense alba
Paph insigne x2
Paph (Yerba Buena x Golden Days) x spicerianum
Paph Ruby Peacock x Hampshire Raven

Phrag Ecua-bess
Phrag besseae

Currently I am hot for paph parvis, especially Paph delenatii, Joyce Hasegawa and Magic Lantern. I also plan on buying a Cyp x andrewsii and some long-petalled phrags in the near future. Oh, and I really want a Mexipedium xerophyticum but they sure are expensive and hard to find!

I look forward to some discussion in the near future!

Hi Joe, welcome aboard :) Sounds like you've got a wonderful collection started!

- Matt

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