Hello, and re-potting these two plants

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Thats a great one congrats,
if you brake by accident a part of it at repotting think on me....
I'm really liking the basket idea, and Stone, I'm going to take your suggestion about the bottom liner. That sounds perfect for me.

I'm not sure about the etiquette on this board and where to post photos (put them here, or in photos section), but since people want to see the blooms from this Dollgoldi plant, here they are. It produced three spikes this year with two flowers each.
Oooh, nice one! :smitten:

I would say, if you want to show off your Paph when it flowers, the photo section would be the place. I try to keep my bud spamming here, in the cultural section, but I don't know if that's proper or not. I just feel that people appreciate opened flowers in the photo section instead of watching buds. :eek:
The problem with baskets in apartments isn't the watering, it's the humidity. Vanda's are one thing, but paphs in baskets need a very high amount of humidity, more than can be provided (comfortably) in an apartment.