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Got new paphs from Sam today! from back to front, left to right:

Bel Royal
lowii var. album
Wossner Black Wings
glanduliferum var. gardineri
Gloria Naugle
delenatii var. dunkel...

and a flask of sanderianum seedlings!


I'll post a separate thread for the sanderianums once they're potted up and settled. I love growing from flask!

Nice! I just got an order from there too, really nice quality plants! Good luck with the sanderianum flask, Ive been trying to find that species for a while now but the cheapest I've seen plants is like $275!

Please do me a favor.
Does your Gloria Naugle have spots on the under side of the leaves?
I am always looking for "clean" GN, which has been hard to find thus far.

I have a few that are free of spots, but I have dumped out a few as well. and I have seen many at nurseries, and pretty much all were spotted or rotted on the leaves.

I'm thinking of getting some of his GN along with other similar hybrids from Sam, but I would like to see yours first.

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Have to concur.

I bought three phrags (longifolium var. roezlii 'Vista Del Monte' x self, Eumelia Arias (kovachii x schlimii), schlimii x sib (Sweet Dream' x 'Powder Puff
and a flask of Paph. supardii x sib ('Dragon Dance' x 'Golden Boy').

Was concerned about root growth but flasks and plants all had strong root systems and foliar development.

All were shipped inva box with great packing and insulation.
Thanks all! I'm pretty excited to see some blooms from these soon. And I'm learning to get excited about new leaves from little ones from flask :p

Happypaphy - GN leaves are clear! I believe I remember a thread you posted awhile back about that, not quite certain what the cause is, but looks like Sam's plants are good to go. I've always received wonderful plants from him.

Does he ship bare root?

Nice looking loot amigo!
I received them (quite well packaged) in pot, taped to prevent shuffling inside the containers. Thanks guys! Compotted the sandy seedlings this afternoon, will post shortly.

Exactly Happy... that is why I asked. Good to know!
He has an excellent reputation.

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