Habenaria Regnieri 'Rubenesque' AM/AOS

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I don't like it. There are way too many flowers! I can't see the leaves!!! I like leaves.
Seriously, beautiful, absolutely beautiful! 💕 🥰
Put the entire plant and pot up within the image and I would swear it has that Far Eastern Bonsai look to it. Breathtakingly Stunning. Congratulations.
A living piece of ART
The group admins at the American Orchid Society FB page just gave me an infraction and removed MY PHOTO of MY PLANT claiming it was an AOS award slide. It is NOT my fault that I can take pictures as well as your photographers. I will be telling every judge I know (which is a lot of them) and I will NEVER post anything there again, nor will I EVER submit another orchid for judging again.
I hope an apology for the infraction came with re-posting your photo! Enough said; your plant and blooms are absolutely awesome!
Nah, he's right, I should quit engaging with him. * Taps ignore button * Much better.

ANYWAY, biggest lips are 3.5 cm.
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This all raises the issue of using other's photos. Which was not the case here. Just from my own experience, I have started to indicate on my pics, the plant info and my initials DB. Yes I have used some AOS award pics, but have always indicated in the text credit to either the exhibitor or the photographer and have had no issues. The FB page just states proper credit should be given, but no further details on that. My feeling is that an honest attempt goes a long way. I know at least 4 AOS photographers, who put in time, effort and dedication, and on the issue of someone misappropriating their work without credit or permission intentionally, well that would be wrong. The matter could have been handled better if some communication had taken place before an arbitrary decision was made.

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