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Grow Lights for SALE

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Jun 26, 2006
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Nipomo California
I have 2 250w MH lights that Idont need any longer.
These are not fancy units but they work perfectly.
The reflectors are homemade. The balasts are separate and can be located remotely from the lights.
I hung the two reflectors about 4 feet above the plants and they covered a 3' x10' bench uniformly.
The balasts are HPS (high pressure sodium) and the bulbs are ceramic Metal Halide. The CMH bulbs provide perfect spectrum and a natural daylight color.
I used these to grow Phrags from seedling to flower.

If anyone can use them I will take $100 for both plus shipping.
Unfortunately tomorrow (10/20/14) is the last day to make a deal.
Sorry I don't have time to take a picture.

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