LumiLED experience report and driver question for Samsung LED

Discussion in 'Slipper Orchid Culture' started by fibre, Dec 2, 2019.

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    I'm nursing my Paphs in shelves 60 cm x 120 cm. The light comes from two T5HO 6500K bulbs for each board. The distance between leaves and bulbs is from 20 to 40 cm (niveum and helenae get more light than the Complex Paphs). In addition some bulbs have an extra reflector.

    In 2015 I started to replace some of my T5HO bulbs with LumiLEDs in my basement. One LED stripe LUXEON XF-3535L 5700K (L235-5780AULM5JAI0) for two bulbs, this means 36 Watt instead of 104 Watt! Today I have about 10 boards of both variants.

    Naoki, the LEDs work very well! Paphs are growing and flowering well with the 5700K Luxeon. The only thing is that the plants on the borders of the shelf get significant less light than the ones in the center directly below the LED stripes. That's why I like to get other LED stripes next.

    Samsung LT-QB22A have an efficacy over 200 lm/W! They consume only 20 Watt per stripe.
    My only problem is that I don't know which driver is the right one for this LED stripes.
    These are the characteristics of the LED:
    Operating Current (If): 450 - 900 mA
    Operating Voltage (Vf): 41.6 - 46.1 Vdc (at 450 mA)
    Power Consumption: 18.7 - 20.7 W

    I like to use a MeanWell IP65 driver, but there isn't one that fits perfectly. Is it a possibility to take the MW LPC-60-1050 (1050mA, 9-48V, 50.4W) for two stripes parallel?

    It would be great if someone who knows these things better than me could help!
    Thank you!

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