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Feb 1, 2013
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Kentucky, USA
Hello all,
I have been growing orchids for several years, and am fairly new to growing
Paphs. I grow inside in a window and under lights. My windows are getting shadier every year, so I am expanding into orchids that do well under these conditions, and that are fairly compact growers. I have been checking out this site frequently and have finally decided to join up! I am looking forward to sharing info with everyone and of course pics.:)
Welcome Chris20!
Where are you located? As you know, we have members from all over the world and part of the fun is to know where everyone is! That way we can help you better to connect with resources in your area if you want such help!
I'm in San Francisco, California.
If you're looking for compact Paphs, you might want to get a Paph. fowliei: it's an adorable little true miniature. I'm just smitten with the one I have blooming now for the first time - an album form.
WELCOME Chris, glad you could make it! We'll have plenty of recommendations for you!