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Jun 6, 2006
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Just in case anyone has seen offers from David Walker of Green River Orchids on ebay or elsewhere (ebay member greenriverorchids) I thought I'd let people know that we had some trouble with his behavior as a vendor at both the MOS and NHOS shows, I believe CAIOS as well. I know NHOS is not asking him back next year. Not sure about the other two societies. He came on the scene rather rapidly when he bought out Victor DeRosa's collection, and has been seen advertising some large divisions on both ebay and orchidmall this past winter/spring.

I just got an email from the President of my society, forwarding on notice of David's recent activity. Apparently, his ebay account has now been suspended because he was selling plants and refusing to ship the plants due to cold weather, and then never shipping them and people were not getting their money back. Because of all the stalling they did, people who were burned by him couldn't get their money back from Paypal because the time limit ran out.

Here's a link to some recent feedback.

Buyer beware!

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