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That is the most horrible thing I have heard in years! It has been such a great resource. However, with loss of the Winter Garden they have had a lot of trouble with venue.

I guess now I could finally save me some money for the rainy day.
Why could not they go back to Winter Garden?
I thought that place was fixed?
The only events left in the region will be the DeepCut show in February , Parkside in July.
The Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ would be a great site, but the vendors would loose the walk in crowd they get in NYC.
Wow! I am really sorry to hear about this, and I am sure that a number of orchid growers/vendors are as well. Many growers/vendors wait all year for this show to get out of the red. This may have devastating results for some of them...

In the past, I work for quite a few growers that came to New York from out of town. I worked at both the Winter Garden and Rockerfeller Center. As for the Winter will never work. The vendors were set up (and sold orchids) on the bridge from the World Trade Center to the World Financial Center, Winter Garden. Most of the foot traffic (people) that came through the bridge area were people going from one building to the other, and mostly to commute, using the bridge to get to the subways under the WTC. During the weekend we had a number of buses that came in from other orchid societies in the surrounding areas. Also, orchid growers the were willing to spend big buck on parking, and those who were able to find Battery Park by train. As beautiful as the atrium (Winter Garden) is/was, because of its location now that the WTC is gone, the vendors would starve. On the other hand, the vendors loved Rockerfeller Center. It was located right in the middle of Manhattan, with almost every train in the area. Also, the foot traffic was amazing. The vendor did really well. I am sure that what is going on now has to do with logistics and affordability (since RFC wanted $20,000.00 to put a tent up last year, I am sure that the cost of having the show there has skyrocketed).

Regarding the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens... What I remember is that Dave Horak was, and maybe still is the president of Greater New York Orchid Society. Also, Dave works at the BBG as the curator of their orchid collection. So all of this information makes sense to me. As for the show being held at this location...sounds great to me. The BBG is a beautiful place. The vendors may need to sell their orchids from a tent (I am not sure what other areas are available); however, it should be an wonderful experience. I am sure that it would be more affordable to all who needs to vend there, to exhibit, and it is accessible to trains, etc. I am looking forward to the next show, if indeed it does take place there.
I also though the Secaucus sight would be great - very large, inexpensive, right across the river through the Lincoln tunnel and unlimited free parking.

Its a shame the Winter Garden area is still a disaster. I dont know if the cross walk will redone as part of the new construction. Certainly getting around in that area of town is mess.

Ray Barkalow posted this at OSF. He spoke to the society last night so, I think it is reliable information.

Originally posted by Ray:
[QB] This was discussed at the GNYOS meeting last night. Let me see if I can recall a few bullet points clearly.
  • Rock was simply too cramped - attributed to the erection of a small tent, rather than large.
  • Apparently the level of dissatisfaction was declining for several years - on both sides. The Center is apparently looking to do fewer such events, and the Society has felt the interest waning. David Horak did point out the tremendous (financial) support the center has provided over the years.
  • The Spring 2008 show is definitely canceled.
  • They will not have another show before Fall. That is not to say that it will be in the Fall, just not before.
  • They have several potential venues in mind, and while they wisely would not share them so prematurely, the officers of the society seemed excited about the potential.
Personally, I'll "wait and see" what happens. Putting on such an event is a tremendous amount of work, and there are lots of interests to attend to, so rushing to do a replacement would be a big mistake.

On the subject of the "dying hobby", I'll start a new thread. [/QB]
That would be a shame. Although I love the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, its a real pain in the rear for me to get to by subway now that I live in Queens...especially after work. Also, I grew up a stones throw from was the highlight of my Sundays with my dad as a kid, my safe haven in HS and days off in college, and after college, when I got more seriously into plants (cactus before orchids) it was my living reference. However, the place changed radically after I moved out of Brooklyn....much fancier, more spectacular, but less scholarly...I liked the old simple layout of the its too much like the NYBG, and too expensive also. If the GNYOS moves to NJ, well that's it for me....too much of a hassle to get to......What about returning to its original location, the NY Botanic Garden? That would also be a pain for much as the BBG, but its better than NJ........Take care, Eric

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