George Norris

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Eric Muehlbauer

FWIW, I've just found out that George Norris goes back to jail in January, to complete the rest of his sentence....unfortunately, jail did not do much for his health, and it has not been improving.....Take care, Eric
Isn't that awful? I have been in touch with George and really feel for him. Both he and Kathy have 'done their time' and should now be left alone. It's not right to send him back to jail for two months.
It appears that George was out on appeal. His appeal was rejected...and there was a paperwork screw-up. So now George has to go back on Jan 10 for 2 months and a day or so. He is hoping to have the sentence turned into house arrest, but doesn't have much faith in his lawyer. At this point, George says he's willing to just go back to the can and get it over for once and for all.....PM me if you want the OSF password...I got most of what I know directly from George. Take care, Eric