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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
I've been entertaining the though but and had a difficult time bringing myself to it. But here are two plants available for trade, both healthy with good roots:

Paph primulinum Alba: 3 growths 1 in bloom 2 mature [from Gore Orchids]

Paph MK: here it is a month or so ago. unbloomed 1 previously bloomed growth 2 good sized starts [from Peach State Orchids]


Looking for these, potted preferred:
Sederia Japonica - [any variety] something blooming size
Dendrobium Moniliforme [any variety aside from tennyokan and benisuzume]
Neofinetia - any tiger stripped variety aside from setsuzan
Phal. violacea alba - nbs to bs
Paph. tigrinum (i highly doubt anyone will have one for trade but might as well try :poke:)

I'm also open to warm growing, potted, mini's that are fairly easy to care of and don't require high light.

Please PM if interested.

I've leeched off the forum long enough so 10 bucks gets donated when negotiations are complete.

Thanks all :)
Alright, since no one wants to trade for the MK (1 mature bloomed growth 2 starts at about 6-9" ls at least). It's up for sale for $25 plus shipping. Same deal as before. I will donate 10 bucks to the forum. Please PM if interested . Thank You.

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