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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
Paph. Iantha Stage (suk x roth 'tenny's' am/aos) - 2 growths i think they're bs....from ratcliff

Paph. phil x paph. hirsutissimum var. furling - 4 growths, 3 probably bs 1 start....from ratcliff

Regarding my recent Mite infestation. As far as I can tell these do not have any.

Looking for :

- Neofinetia tiger stripe variety aside from setsuzan and kinrokaku
- Phal. violacea/belinna alba
- Sedeira Japonica
- Phal. Violacea the ones with the saturated flowers not like the one with the purple mustache that i just posted.
- Pecteilis sagarikii
- a nice size gastrochilus any species

Trade preferred but willing to sell.

PM if interested. Thanks
nope....but you would be most convenient considering that I still have to ship something to you. Milehighs post in OSF about the bulbo in s/h is actually what prompted me about the bulbos. I did forget to update that that iantha stage is gone but you're more than welcome to the phil x hirsutissimum.

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