For my dear friend Zach....

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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
Lest he think he'll never need a 6" aircone for his little baby Phrags.

This is a Phrag. Beauport 'Rose Rocket' 4N division I got from Chuck Acker last December. We had a lot of shipping issues due to the weather, but despite a rought start, the plant is one hell of a vigorous monster! I would buy from Chuck again in a New York instant!

It may be my favorite Phrag. plant. I was able, thankfully, to keep it away from only very minor thrip damage, but lost the spike when I sprayed the plant. I am hoping it will spike again soon since there are several mature growths still to come. Leafspan is around 25".


Nice plant! Sorry you lost a spike -- that is very disheartening.

My plant is just starting to spike. When it bloomed last year, the flower reminded me of Hanne Popow on steroids.

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