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Aug 21, 2010
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seattle, wa
So, after waiting three months for these to get big enough (in the lab) , i will be receiving these flasks on wednesday
i should be happy with brachy's for awhile :p
Paph. bellatulum x sib ('NT' x album 'Pun') Tannaci breeding
Paph. malipoense x sib ('Sear's Tower' x 'Dark Storm')
Paph. concolor 1/2 album x sib ('Semi-album' x 'Half & Half')
Paph. henryanum x sib ('Jumbo' x 'Chocolate Mousse')
Paph. philippinense x sib ('Ching Hua #31' SM/TPS x 'Super Twister')
Paph. bellatulum x sib ('New Red Moon' x 'Dark Force')
Paph. delenatii var. album x sib ('White Knight' x 'Sleeping Beauty')
Paph. niveum x sib ('New Dimension' x 'Perfect Circle')
Paph. conco-bellatulum x sib ('Half Dome' x 'DDD') Tannaci breeding
Paph. Otogozen var. alba 'Moonrise' x S. Gratrix var. alba 'Blanco' tannaci breeding
Paph. S. Gratrix var. alba x sib ('Creamy' x 'Blanco')Tannnaci breeding
Paph. S. Gratrix 'Bleedout' x Conco Lucia 'Imagine' Tannnaci breeding
Paph. ((bellatulum x Sierra Lace) x bellatulum) x sib ('Red Moon' x 'Dark Force')
Paph. conco-bellatulum x sib ('Double Strike' x 'Huge Spots')
Paph. (Double Trix x bellatulum) 'Gigantic' x Tokyo Black Knight 'Red Moon' JC/AOS
Paph. venustum x sib ('New Wave' x 'Fox Catcher' FCC/AOS)
i have learned just to pop them out and put them, agar intact, in the pot ..doesnt take long...i dont have patience for separating them out anymore and with brachys and parvis...its best not

Nice list! What fun to get all these!:clap:
That's how I deflask and compot as well. I can pot up about 15 to 20 flasks in an hour using this method.
nice haul! :drool:

Just be aware that Paph venustum will be hard to separate into individual seedlings!

nice haul! :drool:

Just be aware that Paph venustum will be hard to separate into individual seedlings!


along with the brachys and parvis...i just let them grow out in a clump, repot them every four months, kind of nudge them away from each other. its a really slow process but better than trying to separate them completely
Wow! What a great group I have the Otogozens growing now in my greenhouse, and have thought of getting that venustum grex from Sam, too.
This must be quite a big number of seedlings...wow!!! Nice variety too!

I hope you have the space to accomodate them... :poke: :D
all potted up..took about 30 minutes...separated the bellatulum alba becuase the roots were small and the plantlets just fell out

oh my god. i wish i could afford to spend that much money on flasks.wow.